Lisa is a practicing artist who runs art workshops for adults and children from her studio,
The Bakehouse Studio, in Marrickville. Lisa has a design degree and a Masters degrees
in both visual arts and teaching.

07 Author portrait

Lisa’s art practice spans painting, video, sculpture and ceramics.

Lisa and Eliza
Oil on Canvas 1300 x 2300mm

Oil on Canvas 400 x 400mm

Oil on Canvas 400 x 400mm

Oil on Canvas 450 x 400mm

Oil on Canvas 850 x 1200mm

Oil on Canvas 400 x 400mm

Self PortraitSM
Oil on Canvas 1800 x 1000mm

Oil on Canvas 1800 x 1000mm

Body Paint 2Sm
Still from Video

Stills from Video

Still Life with JugSm
Oil on Canvas 400 x 300mm

Oil on Canvas 300 x 400mm

Landscape 4sm      Landscape 3SM      Landscape 2      Landscape 1Sm
Landscape Series
Oil on Canvas 200 x 150mm

Lisa Hölzl makes paintings and videos primarily from auto-biographically inspired performances. The resulting images present highly dynamic processes of self-inscription and self-erasure, which also suggest a sophisticated cross-fertilisation between the technologies of painting and video.

Of primary interest to Hölzl is the representation of the human body. Her performative project explores how the lived-body is screened from its own representation in contemporary media culture. Lisa’s work poetically demonstrates how these screens either separate the body from, or absorb it into its own representation and representational media. Her evocative and dynamic images provide a cross-fertilisation between the technologies of painting and video.

• Master of Teaching, Sydney University, 2009
• Master of Visual Arts, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University, 2002
• Bachelor of Visual Arts, First Class Honours + University Medal, Sydney University, 1999
• Graduate Diploma Marketing, University of Technology, Sydney, 1993
• Bachelor of Arts (Interior Design), Sydney College of the Arts, 1985

Distinctions, Awards and Prizes
• University Medal, Bachelor of Visual Arts, Honours, 1999
• University of Sydney Postgraduate Award with Stipend, 2000 – 2001
• Reckitt and Colman Graduate Prize, University of Technology, 1993

• David Bromfield Shiny, bright and a Bit Ironic The West Australian, review of Hatched May 20, 2000, page 6.
• Bruce James, The Cheek of it, The Sydney Morning Herald review of Portia Geach Memorial Award exhibition, November 6, 1999, p. 16s.
• Benjamin Gennochio, Student Season Offers a Range of Surprises, The Australian, December 4, 1998, p.16.


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