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Lisa Hölzl Articles

Kids’ Book Review (18 September 2014) – Lisa Hölzl on Upcycled Art

Westwords (8 April 2013) – Found: The Art of Recycling


REVIEWS – Found and Made: The Art of Upcycling

Sarah Stephen, teacher, Hobart

Found and Made teaches children and adults a new kind of creativity – seeing potential in the junk and waste materials around them, and turning them into artistic creations. The book offers a guide for each project, but there’s a lot of room for one’s own creativity to determine the finished product. Making Lisa’s creations is so much fun! I hope parents and teachers get as much pleasure out of it as I have.


Sarah Jane Barnett at We Heart Books, The Booksellers New Zealand blog.

“Some of the projects also require more sophisticated thinking than just following instructions: the fantasy room montage, where you create the ‘room of your dreams’ from pictures in old magazines, and the project to create a self portrait out of string. Many of the projects I remember doing as a child, such as ripping up paper and collaging a picture (in this case a landscape), and decorating shoe boxes. These are projects that never lose their appeal, although it’s hard to pin down the target audience for this book. It will certainly be loved by any crafty kid, and some teens (that worldly and media savvy bunch) will appreciate the more difficult projects. The book will also be useful for teachers and parents who want to encourage this sort of creative play in their kids.” (Full review here)


Fran Knight at ReadPlus

“All lashed together with lots of imagination using the recycling kit made at the start, filled with oodles of trash, this treasure box of a book will be the starting point for many projects. … These (projects) will be great wet afternoon activities or activities made to encourage kids to use their imagination with material once thrown out, reminding them that the resources of the world should be reused not disposed of.” (Full review here)


Readings Monthly, August 14

“Make a msterpiece from your rubbish! This book includes eleven exciting projects to inspire you … Collect, create and upcycle!”


Susan Whelan at Kids’ Book Review

While Found and Made is certainly a practical art activity book for children, it is also more than that. Hölzl once again connects children’s upcycled and found item art to the work of established artists, which reinforces the message that there can be value and beauty in the things that we discard. The book encourages children to look in their home and local environment for items that can be reused and upcycled into practical and/or beautiful objects to be enjoyed in a new way. (Full review here)


REVIEWS – Found: The Art of Recycling

Anastasia Gonis at Buzzwords Books

“It’s always exciting to discover a book with so much to offer … This is a clear and carefully considered book, and made from 100% recycled paper.  There are Activity suggestion boxes for children to create their own artwork. It displays ways that life can be enriched by reusing and recycling discarded objects; making the old new, and realizing that you are limited only by your imagination when making art. While it is centrally about recycling, it also contains a great deal of interesting and thought-provoking information.” (Full review here)


Elinor Cooper at WASLA

“A beautiful non-fiction book which aims to inspire children to think about art made from recycled material … This is a wonderful teaching tool for primary and middle school classrooms. This handbook introduces students to various art styles of the twentieth century and encourages them to try them for themselves.  Teachers will find lots of information to share with their classes as well as hints about how to encourage their students to try their hand at the styles shown.” (Full review here)


Fiona Eastwood at Children’s Books Daily

“Each entry over a double page spread gives a succinct overview of the featured artist, their concept of their art, a quirky fact and an iconic example of their work and where it could be found. This alone would make it an award-winning non-fiction title. However further features cements this title as a must for any library or home. I found the timeline of art movements at the front informative and aesthetic. I found the glossary of styles useful and the biography of artists from 1900 to today enlightening. There is also a helpful index and bibliography including websites.

But the addition of an activity for readers to sample this style of art I found fabulous.” (Full review here)


Susan Whelan at Kids’ Book Review

Found : The Art of Recycling emphasises the role art and creativity play in providing opportunities for individuals to express their ideas and responses to the world around them and challenging traditional ways of thinking.” (Full review here)


Angela Crocombe at Readings

“A fascinating, engaging perspective for anyone aged 7 and up.” (Full review here)


Rebecca at 366 Books: My Year of Reading

“I am no art expert, and I fall into the category of people who ‘don’t know anything about art, but I know what I like’.  When it comes to art and sculpture that involves pram wheels, rulers, upside down pianos and white plastic shopping bags my idea of ‘what is art’ is questioned. The thing I liked about this book, is that it gives a bit of background to each of the pieces, and while I still might not completely understand a piece like Homage to New York by Jean Tinguely, it does make more sense after reading the reasoning behind it.” (Full review here)


Waggabloggas – The Information Book and Lisa Hölzl

“Lisa Hölzl’s information book ‘found – The art of recycling‘ uses the format to create a book on art and how famous artists have used recycled products as to encourage such recycling and use of recycled elements in art to children. Hölzl is a practicing artist and teaches art part time at a high school, in order to encourage that students look outside the conventional art practices and look to recycled products she has created this book which holds unique information about artists that one doesn’t learn in art class at school.” (Full review here)


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